Model FAQ

This FAQ is split between Models and Members for easier navigation.


Getting Started

1. How do I become a model on your site?

a. Sign up as a member first on our sign up page by clicking on Sign Up from the home page navigation bar. You will select your model/member nick name you want to be known as on the site, provide your email, and create a password, click sign up. Fill in your profile details.

b. Once you are a member you will need to submit verification by clicking on My Account --> Verify profile (Verify profile will display at top of page once on My Account page) this will verify you are of legal age.

You will need a verifiable government issued ID, Passport or Drivers License and photo of you with ID. (Look below for verification rules).
 All information ask for needs to be submitted. and then Click Send For Approval we will try to verify your request within 24 to 48 hours. 

Rules for verification:

In order to be approved as a Model, two photos must be submitted:
  1. A close-up photo of your government-issued ID (passport, driver’s license, ID card);
  2. A photo of you (selfie) holding the same ID. Make sure your face is fully visible and the ID is fully visible.  
Please note the following requirements which must be met for ANY uploaded image:
  1. Images may not be edited, cropped or re-sized;
  2. All images must be in color;
  3. Submitted documents must be a photo or a scanned copy. Electronic documents or a photo of a photo will be rejected;
  4. All 4 corners of the document must be visible;
  5. The entire government issued, non-expired ID must be shown. No parts of the document may be redacted, covered, cut, or censored;
  6. Files must be .PNG or .JPG format and under 5MB in size;
  7. Provided document shall not expire for at least 30 days from the date of submission. 

c. Once you are approved you will be able to enter all you payout information and start uploading and pricing your content for sell to your followers. 


1. What percentage of earning do models keep? 


We keep 20% for server upkeep, payment processing, updating website and other services.
*Your balance is showed at the top menu when you log in as a model

What's is the minimum amount I can withdraw for payout as model?


*Your bank may charge you currency conversion or transfer fees to receive the money. Additionally, your e-wallet company may charge you a fee for accessing the money. Payouts go out in USD and will be converted to the currency of your account. We do not have control over currency exchange rates imposed by your bank.

2. What's the maximum payout a model can receive?

There is not a maximum payout 

3. What's the minimum/maximum price I can set my membership at monthly? 

Minimum = $2.99

Maximum = $200

*Same applies to tips

4. When are payouts processed to verified models

Payout requests
Your earnings become available for withdrawal from the  on a 7-day rolling basis. 
Your earnings become available for withdrawal from your top menu display balance on a 7-day rolling basis.
All withdrawal requests and bank payouts are processed immediately and will appear in your bank account within 3-5 business days.

*Note: if a member requests a refund or a chargeback and is successful, you will see an Adjustment 
**Note: Minimum payout is $30 and again is on a 7 day rolling basis so wont be available for payout till 8th day after being earned.
***Note: The amount that you see in your top menu balance is the exact amount in USD that will be sent to your payment method of choice if its been earned 8 days ago (see above 7-day rolling basis). Your bank may charge you currency conversion or transfer fees to receive the money. Additionally, your e-wallet company may charge you a fee for accessing the money

If you have issues with a payout request please email support at

5. What payout options are available?


Direct Deposit with your bank account information


Bit Safe



Cosmo Payment

Bit Safe

Wire (Wire fee may apply)

Payout Provider Links Below:

Bitsafe -
Cosmo Payment -
Payoneer -

Coming soon:
Paxum Payouts

*Arrangements for offsite payments are not allowed.


1. What if my content is stolen from your site and use somewhere else without my permission?

We work with to protect our models content along with download restrictions on our site. But if you still find yourself in need of a takedown please email use at and we will do our best to assist. 

2. What kind of content do you allow to be posted on your site?

We allow any type of legal content 

3. Why am i getting a red X error?

This displays when you are uploading a video file type that is not accepted or a video file that is not accepted.
Supported video formats include .mp4 .avi .ogg .webm .qt

4. What is the max upload size we can add to site?

2 GB per video

5. How to provide content to your members


Posted videos on your feed can be set to both free and paid posts you control how this is set by clicking on the pad lock icon attached to the post. Hover over pad lock icon to get a description of the free or paid status of a post.

Message Unlocks

You can provide free and paid content via our message system, click messages at top menu bar when message box appears on left side click name of member and then on right side you will see appear the text box to type a friendly message and at bottom of text box will be options to set free or paid attachments.


Members have the ability to tip you at the bottom of each post, just simply have them click the tip button, type a amount and click credit card to pay. 

6. Who can see my model page?

Unsubscribed Followers and Visitors can subscribe to your free content and see all of your past and current free posts on your feed.

Paying Members that have paid your subscription price can see your paid feed posts past and current.
The content contained within your paid posts is hidden for non subscribers.

Unlocked message content can only be seen if you set it to free attachment or if you set it to paid attachment and the member pays for it to be unlocked.

Model Benefits -

Currently Available - Level 1

$1,000 Life Insurance
$15,000 Accidental Death Insurance
24/7 Well-Being Advisor
Credit Counseling
Debt Counseling
Housing Counseling
ESG Advisor
Free Prescription Savings Card

Coming Soon - Level 2

Coming Soon - Level 3

*To be eligible must have been a verified model for 30 days or more and have 7 or more unique subscribed members* For level 1 benefits*
*Unique subscribers would be described as 7 different members paying for subscriptions to your content at least one full month*
If you have question please email support at

More benefits and rewards coming in the near future

Sep IRA or 401k
Travel Discounts
Gym Discounts